Teachers Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps for Teachers

Teachers are busy, and they have to find a way to give their students positive reinforcement while still getting all of their papers graded and handed back on time. They may not have time to write notes, or even draw a quick smiley face on each paper, and this is where rubber stamps come in.
When you want to quickly and effectively show your students that they are on the right track, rubber stamps are the perfect choice. Let’s take a look at why this is;

Three Reasons to Use Rubber Stamps

• Save Valuable Time- If you have dozens of papers to mark, you may not have time to write notes or draw smiley faces on all of the assignments. Customised rubber stamps let you do this in a fraction of the time, and you can even tailor the stamps to suit your teaching style.

• Positive Reinforcement- You want to encourage your students to do their best work on each assignment and praise them when they do so. Having rubber stamps that say things like “great work” or “excellent job” allow you to give each student the positive reinforcement they need, building their confidence levels in the process.

• Organisation Capabilities- Maybe you want to keep track of the date and time that you corrected the assignment, or you want a quick reference of when the student turned the assignment in. Either way, having a rubber stamp which includes this information can help you stay organised.

The Time and the Place for Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are beneficial in a variety of situations and environments. For example, if you have multiple classes each day, with dozens of students, you could have hundreds of papers to mark. Rubber stamps can help you keep your grading on track, and add a small personal touch to each assignment.

Maybe you have different groups of students, or you teach a variety of subjects. You could give each assignment or class a particular rubber stamp, or give it a particular colour to differentiate it from the rest. If you noticed that a student was struggling, you could use the rubber stamps to help give them a confidence boost when they do well. The possibilities are endless.

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