Rocker Mount Rubber Stamps

Rocker Mount Rubber Stamps
Looking for an extra-large stamp? We have a solution.
Mounted on a curved, rocking base, rocker mount rubber stamps can give you consistently good imprint quality when you stamp corrugated cartons and other flat, or relatively flat, surfaces. A standard stamp will need its whole body to be pressed against the surface at once, while a rocker mount rolls across the surface and distributes the pressing point and its ink more evenly. This makes stamping easier–especially on large surfaces.

For Rocker Mount Stamps, Perfect Geometry Creates Perfect Coverage
With a curved surface, however, you can cover every square millimetre of the area you want to print with flawless accuracy. Remember your geometry class from way back when? A circle touches a straight line at exactly one point—but does so perfectly.
Now, imagine that you roll that circle. As you roll it, it touches every point along its path.
That’s the principle behind a rocker mount stamp. As you roll it, it conforms to the surface underneath, providing perfect ink coverage at every point along the way.
Better Control, Less Fatigue
Rocker mount rubber stamps come with a grip handle instead of a knob for better control—and to reduce fatigue from the rolling motion. That makes them perfect for repetitive tasks, such as stamping large numbers of packages or mass mailings, such as flyers for upcoming events.
If you need to cover a large area, these stamps are ideal. With little effort on your part, you can cover a large area with text or numbering with perfect accuracy.
Multiple-Use Stamping Capability
With a rocker mount stamp, you can stamp not only boxes, envelopes, and flyers, but you can also use it to stamp your contact information on labels, wrappers, and equipment. With a variety of uses, these versatile stamps will practically pay for themselves.
Where Can I Buy Rocker Mount Rubber Stamps?
Addprint Rubber Stamps is the only company in Australia that sells rocker-mounted stamps. Australian-owned and operated, we manufacture a variety of rubber stamps and embossing seals for both commercial and personal applications. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to help you customise rocker stamps that will help make your life easier. Call us on 1300 842 905 or use our contact form to send us a message—and one of our sales team members will get in touch. Contact us today!

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