Loyality Card Rubber Stamps

Did you know self inking rubber stamp can be used to generate customer loyalty? Using rubber stamps for loyalty cards incentivises your customers, showing them the progress they have made towards their loyalty rewards, and keeping them coming back for more.
Does your business reward customers for frequently purchasing certain items? If so, there are a number of ways self inking rubber stamps can help. Perhaps you offer a free product after so many stamps have been collected on the loyalty card, or it could be that a completed card connects the customer to other exclusive membership perks.
By using a self inking rubber stamp on your customers’ loyalty cards, you are creating a tangible and visible route to these rewards and perks with your own instantly recognisable words or graphic. This makes the process transparent, as well as engaging for your customers.
Customising Your Loyalty Card Self Inking Rubber Stamps
The self inked rubber stamp can be easily customised to reflect your company and loyalty program. One way is to include text or an image depicting the particular product associated with the loyalty program. Before you plan what will be on your stamp, consider exactly what you want the stamp to accomplish. How do you want your customers to respond?
You might use your brand’s logo or a few words specific to your company on the self-inked rubber stamp. Design your rubber stamp around the central idea or purpose of the loyalty card. Then, choose your graphics and text to match. Remember that the loyalty stamp is small, only around 12mm by 12mm, so you will not be able to include too many details on the stamp mark itself.
You can add more information to the loyalty card itself for additional customisation, including a slogan or a quote that will resonate with customers. It should be something they will automatically remember when they see it and will then associate with your loyalty program. This makes the rubber stamp a great way to promote both your business and the loyalty card simultaneously and shows you just how many customers return time and time again.
Other items to include on your loyalty card are: your company name, contact information or the name of the loyalty program for which the card will be used. Your card can also contain the address to your official website, so customers can learn more about your company and take advantage of other rewards.
When deciding what your loyalty card should contain, be careful not to include too much information. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too many details or provide so much that they forget the purpose of the loyalty program altogether.
Types of Loyalty Cards
Self-inking rubber stamps can be used for many different types of loyalty cards. Whether your program will be used to gather customer data, offer rewards, discover buyer habits, encourage additional sales by providing discounts or attract new shoppers using a point system, rubber stamps can be customised accordingly to fit the purpose. You might even consider creating a few rubber stamps for use with each program. This allows you to show appreciation for your returning customers while capitalising on opportunities with new ones. Either way, the rubber stamp is a useful and professional promotional tool no business should ever be without.
Selecting Your Self Inked Rubber Stamps
When selecting your self inked rubber stamps, you’ll have plenty of choices to fit your needs. Consider products such as Colop Q12, Colop R12, Shiny S510, Shiny R510 or Trodat 4921. Now you can reach out to your customers in a truly unique way with personalised self inking rubber stamps that reflect both your business and the people you serve.

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