Trodat 4921 Self Inking Rubber Stamp

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Trodat 4921 Self Inking Rubber Stamp

BrandTrodat (Leading International Brand)

Dimension 12mm x 12mm

12mm x 12mm Self Inking Stamp up to 2 Lines of Custom Text. Ideal for Loyality card Stamp

$ 30

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Trodat 4921

Trodat 4921 is a Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamp with an ink cartridge in the stamp. The rubber stamp takes ink with a mechanical action each time the stamp is depressed for a neat and clean rubber stamp impression. Trodat 4921 is ideal for using as a Loyality Card Stamp,  Inspection Stamp, QA Stamp etc.

Over 1000s of impressions before requiring refill. The ink pad can be refilled with self inking rubber stamp refill ink, or the ink cartridge can be replaced with a new replacement ink pad.

Works best with normal paper. Not suitable for use on glossy and wax paper.

Non toxic ink.

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